Dart community is growing so much and many books about this wonderful web oriented language are borning.

I read quite all of them and they all covered the basic of the language and the development platform. To go in depth to the full power of Dart we need to join the discussions all over the web ( G+ Dartisans Community, StackOverflow, Google Groups etc. ).

“Mastering Dart” will help you to go beyond the “Hello world” code.

It has twelve chapters of cool must-to-known pattern very useful when we have to face off the common problems in developing complex applications.

There are good examples, ( all the source code can be downloaded on the website ). I had appreciated even more examples and source code.

Every chapter is well written with very good attention by the author and maybe the reviewers.

I think it’s a must have to any Go-Beyond-The-Basics Dart Developers.

Want to see many books like this in the following year!